2019 Match Play

Roster Contact:

  • Men's​ Club -​​​​​​ Roster
    • Please see the Pro Shop if you can't get a hold of your competitor
  • Senior Division - TBD

Before Match:

  • Pay $25 Competition Fee on Match 1
    • Let the person working the front desk know that you are paying for Match Play and to make sure they mark you as paid
  • Tee Box
    • Competition Tee Box
      • Brackets A and B - Blue/White Combo
      • Brackets C and D - White
    • It is okay for the competitors to decide to play their match from a different tee box on day of competition.  As long as both players agree and play match from same box.
  • Card Setup
    • Clearly write player names
    • Calculate Course Handicap with Active Index
    • Indicate with a dot the holes the higher handicap player is getting strokes
    • See below more info on assigning strokes for Match Play

During Match:

  • Local Rules Applied - https://druidsglengolf.com/mens_club_local_rules/
  • Prefered Lies in your own fairway
    • Lift, clean, and place your ball within 1 club-length no closer to the hole
  • Ground Under Repair (GUR)
    • Some area are marked and some are not.  In the interest of taking care of the course, please work it out between your group and move a ball out of any area that is agreed between the competitors as should be marked GUR
  • If there are any rules disputes, play a second ball and see Jeff Croll, Tom Scheisz, Bill DeChon or Ken Reitz to resolve after the round

After Match:



Finish Dates. Please see Bill or Ken ASAP if there are issues finishing each round by the dates below.

  • Match 1 - June 27th
  • Match 2 - July 11th
  • Match 3 - July 25th
  • Flight Finals - August 8th
  • Overall Finals - August 29th

Handicap Info: