Men's Club Tournament


General Tourney Info

The Men’s Club is sponsoring six (6) tournaments in 2018 including Match Play.

For the four “major” tournaments (Masters April 7th, Member-Member May 5th, Member-Guest August 4th-5th, and Club Championship August 25th-26th) Druids Glen has kindly agreed to enhance the prize fund as follows based on tournament participation: 0-50 players $500, 51-75 players $1000, 76-100 players $1500, over 100 players $2000. Hopefully the chance to win some of that gets your juices flowing!

Side games are available during the tournament rounds, but entry prices will vary. Please review the flyers for each tournament for specific side games and prices. The real addition is a $10 Honey Pot on day 2 of two day tournaments to help keep you interested if you have a bad round on day 1. Same as on men’s night, skins will be paid for either gross or net – not both for the same hole.

Another change is to include KP winners for the tournaments in the end-of-the-year KP shoot-out. 

Men’s Club Tournament Points

All participants will receive five (5) points per day for playing during a Men’s Club tournament.

Additional points may be accumulated, as follows:

  • First place gross or net – member receives an additional six (6) points.
  • Second place gross or net – member receives an additional four (4) points.
  • Third place gross or net – member receives an additional two (2) points.

Men’s Club Championship Tournament Notes

Entry into the event is based on a member accumulating ten (10) points throughout the season, with a few exceptions.

Note: If a member is lacking the required ten (10) points at the end of the year, the Druids Glen Pro and Men’s Club Board will make a final determination for event participation.


Prior Club Champions receive a lifetime qualifying exemption…which means a prior club champion can enter this tournament even if they have accumulated zero (0) points throughout the year.